Gov 2.0 Radio – Yammer CEO David Sacks

David Sachs – Yammer

-private, social network for just your company or organization
-private Facebook or Twitter
-web 2.0 company Intranet
-not just small business, but large businesses too
-U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife
-using for Gulf oil space
-NASA been using it
-Snowmaggedon – lot of govt agencies using Yammer during snowmaggedon
Any employee can start using it and inviting your co-workers
-confirm your e-mail address and same with email
Yammer – can be used on Blackberry, iphone, windows mobile, etc
-Integrates with Sharepoint, Outlook,
-Releasing applications on Yammer and Yammer platform
-install apps for things like Ideas – official answer
-polls very easy
-Threaded conversations, attachments, photos, groups, admins, etc
Still in early side
-every organization should have private social network
-starting to reach inflexion point
-freemium business model – employees can start inviting anyone
-already talking to pe
-5 to 10 years everything going in SaaS
-very few organizations say won’t use SaaS at all. but want to use
Makes organization more social…expertise can be shared
-Yammer conversation predominantly about business
-Different rules in different organizations
Can create private space – not just your agency

ROI Calculator
-retention of employers are higher
-less meetings
-more connected
-less time in finding documents
-it’s used in so many ways – hard to decide what to measure
-not just about decreasing email about increasing communication
Think government is a big opportunity
-next year we’ll focus more on it
-getting on GSA schedule

Very useful for new employees
-how to get up to speed quickly
-more formal applications like questions, ideas and turn it into structured knowledge

-great communication tool but also knowledge base
All content on Yammer is exportable. Whatever people use to manage email can get put into the same as email discovery.
People more familiar to Twitter and Facebook are more likely to use Yammer in mainstream
-wouldn’t want to limit it to age
-if you like tools like Twitter/FB in personal life, you are probably wishing for a Yammer-like tool in the workplace

Can tag any content in Yammer with topics page and can see all of the info on topics.

-Topics experts based on how much

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Julia Tanasic

Last time I used Yammer was at WEF in Geneva. If you have a very connected team/organisation already, then Yammer is not a huge plus. But it definitly works great if you have offices around the world that need to collaborate! Time difference issues, filling resources gaps and catch-up talks work great over Yammer. Altough an additional in-house blog function within Yammer would be great too!