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Amazon Instant Video for the iPad, Google unveils Android Blog and more

Amazon’s Instant Video is a great capability, and it is now mobile! In order to provide more value to their users, Amazon has rolled out the instant video app for the iPad. Amazon’s instant video offering has a huge library of free streaming video for Prime subscribers. Amazon is trying to show that while NetflixRead… Read more »

Facebook or Twitter for the enterprise?

Social media is changing enterprise IT, and AIIM research shows that 47% of employees 18-30 years old now expect to use the same type of networking tools with their business colleagues as they do with their friends and family. The number changes to 37% for employees 31-45 years old, but many business and IT executivesRead… Read more »

Australia is the second largest government user of Yammer – over 110 active networks

There’s recently been some controversy in Australian government over the use of Yammer, a private and secure enterprise social network, which I discussed in my post, The ongoing struggles to balance IT security and staff empowerment. I asked Simon Spencer, Yammer’s newly appointed Asia-Pacific General Manager, how many government agencies in Australia were using Yammer.Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio – Yammer CEO David Sacks

David Sachs – Yammer -private, social network for just your company or organization -private Facebook or Twitter -web 2.0 company Intranet -not just small business, but large businesses too -U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife -using for Gulf oil space -NASA been using it -Snowmaggedon – lot of govt agencies using Yammer during snowmaggedonRead… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 07.09.2009

I’m back— I have been on vacation! hehe I understand while I was away, some of you federal folks had some problems with computer viruses, or such. Last week, a Trojan horse invaded my computer. When I ran my very sophisticated internet security software, it indicated that the problem *might* have originated from a fileRead… Read more »