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iPhone Users: Rate the State of the Union in Real Time

I’m sure you’ve seen the slider bars and dynamic graphs that TV news organizations use to provide real-time audience and focus group feedback during major speeches and debates. Well, Gov 2.0 Radio is partnering with IdeaScale to promote a new app that allows iPhone users to rate President Obama’s State of the Union address inRead… Read more »

The State of OpenGov/Gov 2.0 – Where to Now?

On Tuesday before the President’s State of the Union address, OpenGov and Gov 2.0 activists, journalists and organizers will gather for a GovLoop live chat, Gov 2.0 Radio podcast and collaborative document editing project to help define the movement and discuss where we need to go from here. Tuesday, Jan. 25, 7:30 to 9 p.m.Read… Read more »

Gov IT professionals weigh in on ‘Gov 2.0’; B.C. Apps Contest Harnesses Civic Passion

Adriel Hampton interviews Christina Morrison, HP’s public sector marketing manager, about a new survey of 103 local, state and federal senior IT professionals discussing Gov 2.0 adoption. Also, Adriel talks with Luke Closs, co-creator of the civic app VanTrash, about open data and apps contests.