Gov 2 Summit – Geo Rapid Fire

Andrew Turner – Fortius One
Geograph is a common pivot point
Geotag a lot of data is necessary
GIS is moving from map-centric to engaging with stakeholders and ctiziens
Serve citizen needs
Examples such as TwitterVoteReport
Elction monitoring in Afghanistan
Open data, open formats

Bob Greenberg – Virtual USA – DHS S&T with a number of states
Collaborative government
Gov as platform
How respond to disruptive events
Aggregate and share information and collaborate
Focus on Collaboration
Design for End User
Local Ownership
Virtual Alabama
.VIPER – aids decision making
Making it mobile
webEOC and GeoRSS
Virtual USA – seemless information sharing across

OpenStreetMap (in Palestine)
free and open map of entire world
maps and data everywhere

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