Government Innovators- Learn How They Do It

In a time of sequestration and budget cuts innovation is the name of the game. All across government we are seeing “government innovators” pop up. People who are disrupting bureaucracy, collaborating, using new technology such as social media, and transforming how government operates. But how are they doing this and how can you replicate it in your agency?

On Tuesday, May 21 from 5:30-7:30PM ET Saleforce is hosting a free “Connected Nation” Government Innovators Happy Hour.” This is your opportunity to learn first hand about your government peers efforts, hear best practices for gathering support and collaborating within your agency, and share your innovative ideas.

One great example you’ll hear about comes from Anjali Kataria, Senior Technology Advisor to FDA, who is changing the way the FDA provides first-in-the-world access to medical devices, including those with breakthrough technology faster. The FDA Innovation Pathway Conference Center Pilot program seeks to “shorten the overall time and cost it takes for the assessment and review of medical devices, and to transform how FDA Reviewers and Device Manufacturers work together from an adversarial “us” vs. “them” mindset to a highly collaborative “team” environment.”

Using cloud technology, the FDA set up a a secure online conference center for each device team. This allows the FDA and device sponsors to interact freely, which accelerates the development of devices so patients can benefit from new technologies faster. In addition to Kataria, other innovators at the happy hour include:

  • Casey Burns, transforming how government collaborates and the future government workplace
  • Haley Van Dyck, cross-agency innovator and connector
  • Edward Schlicksup, former Salesforce Admin, Obama for America, transforming how campaigns engage citizens
  • Dan McSwain, innovating in advocacy and government
  • Read Holman, transforming health care
  • Tom Cochran, transforming 21st Century media
  • Fred Wuensch, transforming app development at a major federal government agency
  • Kathy Fisher, transforming how local government interacts with citizens

Plus, Michael Lazerow, CMO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and CEO of Buddy Media, will discuss the revolution already underway in social media and some best practices. You can learn more about the event and register here.

Want more information on social media in government? Be sure to check out our Social Media Resources Hub. Plus, check out these other great resources:

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