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Back to The Lab Again

I went back to Lawrence Livermore national laboratory again this week and this time I got to get a tour of the National Ignition Facility…aka the most powerful laser on earth. The simple scale of the facility is awe inspiring as is the science. We are talking about a laser capable of replicating the birth… Read more »

Government Innovators- Learn How They Do It

In a time of sequestration and budget cuts innovation is the name of the game. All across government we are seeing “government innovators” pop up. People who are disrupting bureaucracy, collaborating, using new technology such as social media, and transforming how government operates. But how are they doing this and how can you replicate it… Read more »

Meeting Citizens Where They Already Are- How to Improve Customer Service

If the average citizen is mobile and social, shouldn’t government services be as well to better serve them? This is the question government agencies have been working to address over the last few years. With initiatives like the Digital Government Strategy, which aims to provide citizens with high-quality digital information anywhere, anytime, and on any… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Cloud Epiphany

By Steve O’Keeffe — Sitting with the CEO of a $10 billion company. Talking cloud over cocktails. He’s sweating the move to the cloud. Security stress. I ask him what’s his company’s most important, strategic data. He doesn’t blink. Customer information. If we lost it, we’d be out of business. If we were compromised,… Read more »

Considering “the Cloud” – Asking the right questions and looking for the right answers

I recently saw a blog post from Jim Townsend (President of InfoStrat) which did a fantastic job of articulating some of the concerns around cloud computing in the public sector. This is a topic that has been and will continue to be widely debated within and outside of government IT. Rather than pose a number… Read more »

Cloud Computing–How High Should Government Fly?

The information technology industry has fallen head over heels when it comes to cloud computing. Many analysts have weighed in on the inevitability of shutting down your outdated server room and shifting to services that are hosted on the Internet at a remote data center. It’s hard to argue against the cloud computing trend, especially… Read more »