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GovGoodies – 33% of Next American City Subscription

Local Govies listen up cause this deal is for you! GovLoop has scored $10 off a yearly subscription to the quarterly magazine Next American City.

Next American City is a magazine that focuses on making
cities better. They observe, document and conceive realistic solutions
about how to improve cities—how to ensure that future generations’
lives are improved, and not made more dangerous or unnecessarily
complicated by the decisions we make. In each issue of the magazine
you’ll find investigative features, thoughtful essays and interviews
from the front lines of urban change and innovation.

You can find more out about the magazine by hitting up their website. Also do redeem the $10 you can go to their subscription page and enter the code NACLOOP. With the discount the subscription costs only $19.

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January Dawes

Thanks for the heads up on the GovDeals Stephen! There are some great articles appearing on Next American City. NICE!