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These Govies Have Amazing Stories

Each year we hold a Speaker Contest for government employees to share their public service story at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit.

This year we had over 100 entries, a panel of government experts selected 10 finalists and it’s now up to you to vote on your top three!

Customer Experience: Dragging an Aging Organization into the 21st Century
Faced with bureaucrats stuck in their ways and a retiring leadership team, this session will share a personal experience of taking a bunch of skeptics and teaching them to love their jobs again. Despite high apathy, modernization is possible and even ‘pretending’ to care made a huge difference.

Toxicity in Government Workplaces and Using Humor and Self-Care to Cope
In this session a stand-up comic (and govie) will share tips and tools for government employees dealing with workplace stress that is unique to government work. A little humor can go a long way to sweeten a toxic work environment.

Show Me What You’ve Got
This presentation provides insight on the importance of showing your capabilities as a leader and the three steps you can take to demonstrate your best skills and abilities that can lead to the next stage in your career.

From Intern to Superhero: Meet Ready Girl
Learn about one govie’s journey from intern to Ready Girl — New York City’s emergency management superhero — that has since taught thousands of students and captured the likes of Marvel Comics!

Discovering the Intrapreneur: The Best Inside Job Every Government Employee Should Know
This talk will explore the traits of intrapreneurs, including their creative confidence to rethink and remix solutions to existing problems in a mission-based yet silo-resistant approach.

Oh, THAT Guy: Why Your Reputation is Everything
Your reputation at work is crucial to your career success, and a bad reputation is impossible to undo, so you must take great care to build a good one. This session will review the dos and don’ts you can follow to avoid being pigeonholed by a bad reputation that can change your future career trajectory.

An Artist Sketches a Federal Career: How Painting + Performing Set the Stage for Success in Gov
This session will share how an artist and storytelling performer struggled in their career as a right-brained person among left-brained, analytical people in government. While you can’t burst into poetry, song and dance at work, experiences in these artistic areas can help you be effective, successful and valuable at your agency.

Finding the Win in the Total Fail
Just as conflict makes movies entertaining, tragedy and failure make each one of us complex, interesting individuals. This is a talk about how to find success after experiencing failure and tragedy.

The Path to Resilience
This presentation will discuss how a 28 day backpacking and rock-climbing adventure was great preparation for a career in public service. It will also share four major takeaways to be resilient and confident in your potential.

“GOV” like A Maker: Applying the Maker Mindset to Public Service
This session will explore the principles and strategies of the maker movement. You will be motivated to build, hack, and jam your way through challenges and silos–no 3D printer required!

Vote for your top three now!

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