GovLoop Live Chat- Rebooting the Public Sector, MacroWikinomics, & Next Thursday

I’m super-duper excited to announce our next GovLoop Live Chat next Thursday, November 18th at 2pm EST with Anthony Williams, co-author, MacroWikinomics-Rebooting Business and the World. This live chat is brought to you by our great partner Google – make sure to sign up.

We will be talking about his new book MacroWikinomics, which has the CEOs of Google, Accenture, Best Buy, Nike, and dozens more calling “A Masterpiece. An iconic & defining book for our time”

What to expect:
-Big thinking about how to “reboot the public square”
-Stories from Anthony’s world-wide travels talking to audiences about Wikinomics
-Tactical tips on implementing collaboration in your agency
-Answering YOUR questions and your peers

For those who’ve never been to a GovLoop Live Chat, here’s the scoop
-Chat box is on home page of GovLoop
-Entirely interactive – no huge presentation
-Almost all Q&A from you, the audience (direct chat me the questions)
-Lots of fun!

Anthony is a good friend who I met when he wrote Wikinomics and coordinated a research project on Gov 2.0 (disclaimer – I wrote a paper for it and he is on the GovLoop advisory board).

He is one of the most thoughtful and generous people I’ve met in my travels. You should definitely come as you’ll learn a lot and he’ll answer all your questions.

I’ll do a full review of his new book Macrowikinomics early next week but have to say “it rocks!”

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