Daily Dose: Want to Really Honor Them? Give a Vet a Job!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and we’re all thinking about the significant sacrifice that our soldiers make every day. Federal Diary columnist Joe Davidson at the Washington Post suggests that one of the best ways we can truly honor them is to put them at the top of the pile for jobs:

Davidson explains:

Tuesday was a good day for veterans at the Office of Personnel Management.

With military personnel on hand to witness a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, OPM opened a Veterans Employment Program Office. It is designed to facilitate hiring vets not only at OPM but throughout the government.

John Berry, the OPM director who so enthusiastically works for veterans even while the law says no to openly gay people like him, began the program with a simple chant: “Hire more vets!”

Now I know that there are Veterans hiring preferences and there should be! So here’s my question for you:

Is your organization recruiting Veterans for jobs?

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Keith Moore

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Steve Lunceford

Deloitte has over 700 vets in its Federal practice alone and we actively recruit veterans throughout our practice.

Some things to check out for those interested:
* GI Jobs Top Military Employers – an interview with one of our veteran and military recruiters.
* Deloitte’s commitment to providing career advice to Iraq and Afghanistan vets
* We offer a special recruitment program for U.S. junior military officers transitioning to the business world.


How ’bout giving us qualified American-born NON-VETERANS a preference—too.
Sick and tired of Washington givng hiring preferences ONLY TO VETERANS for getting Federal jobs–that’s just plain bias-discrimination of most American people qualified and ready to work now!

Carol Davison

In the Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln promised “to care for him who had borne the battle, his widow, and his orphan”. Most Americans believe that we should keep that promise. 1.5 million Americans served in Afghanistan and Iraq since September 11, 2001. 500,000 have been there more than once.
Because of my own podiatric disabilities I’ve been treated at Bethesda and Walter Reed for 20 years. In spite of my own pain, I used to be horrified to see halos screwed into the shattered limbs of my comrades. Now when I visit the Navy Credit Union I look behind me to see if anyone is less able than I. It is heartbreaking to let a newly metal legged 22 year old go ahead of me. They earned their ten points of preference in a way that someone who has never committed to honor, courage and commitment to something larger than themselves will never understand.