GovLoop on HuffPo: “3 Signs That Government Is More Innovative Than Ever”

A few weeks ago, Mr. GovLoop started blogging for the Huffington Post. We’re pretty jazzed about it and our main goal is to highlight and honor your awesomeness through this increased visibility.

For instance, our newest post is titled:

“3 Signs That Government is More Innovative Than Ever”

Basically, we talk about our new “GovLaunch” series and tout three cool projects coming out of the Department of Transportation, the Library of Congress and

Here’s an excerpt:

Think government isn’t innovative?
Think it’s just a bunch of boring bureaucrats sitting around pushing papers?

Think again.

For the past couple weeks, GovLoop has been highlighting the hottest, latest mobile applications, website re-designs, social media contests and other innovative projects coming out of government. We’re calling the series “GovLaunch.”

Below are just three of the two handfuls worth of projects that have emerged in the past two weeks alone:

1. Federal – For those who don’t know, the Federal Register is “the daily journal of the United States,” informing citizens of their rights and obligations, documenting the actions of Federal agencies, and providing a forum for public participation in the democratic process. Do you need money for something, you should probably be reading the Federal Register.


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