GovLoop Survey – Where Did You Find Your Mentor?

In the last GovLoop poll, we asked “Where did you find your mentor?”

The response was:
10.3% Agency Assigned
23.1% Current/Past Boss
2.6% Rotation Program
25.6% Self-Selected
38.5% I Still Need a Mentor

My take-away from the poll is that a lot of people still need mentors. I think it is always tricky to connect those would be mentees and mentors. Sometimes it can be tough if they are in the same agency/office. And it can be tough to find people outside. Plus it is a little like dating – where it can be tricky finding someone with the same interest/personality/etc.

Personally, I like semi-structured programs like Flash Mentoring where there is no long up-front commitment and you can “date” around a bit. I also think it is up to the individual to seek out mentors and one should not just expect the agency to assign you a great mentor.

Next question is a pretty straight biographical question. Where do you work?

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