GovMadness: Getting Down to the Wire

It’s Elite Eight Time in GovMadness and the cream is starting to rise to the top. With only 4 cities and 4 agencies left things are heating up as a coveted trip to the GovMadness Final Four is one game away.

The sweet 16 provided some amazing match ups so let’s recap them. Unlike the NCAA tournament GovMadness has seen the top seeds move on for the most part as chalk has advanced.

Here’s what happened with the agencies:

– DoD dispatched DOI in a match where the number seed looked prime to make a title run taking 66 percent of the vote.

– NASA knocked out cinderella the Smithsonian Institute in a close vote. NASA vs. DoD in the Elite Eight is a battle of contrasting styles.

– VA cruised over HHS as the top of the agency bracket has gone to plan with both #1 seeds still alive.

– Dept. of Education has quickly taken care of business with it’s 3 upset in a row the most current victim being DHS to claim an Elite Eight spot.

Here’s what happened on the City side:

– DC held off San Francisco in a match up that was really worthy of the final four. But I’d say DC is now the favorite to win the whole thing.

– Boston bounced Philadelphia to move the final 8 teams left, impressive for a 13 seed.

– Austin (known as the people’s champ around the offices) sweated their way by Chicago with 1 percent of the vote more than the Windy City.

– Seattle kept hope alive for the West Coast taking out fellow westsider San Diego.

Being one game away from the final four here are 4 predictions:

1) NASA sends DoD to the moon and cliches a Final 4 spot

2) Austin eradicates the west coast knocking out Seattle.

3) Education pulls a VCU and makes the final game as an 11 seed (as a Kansas fan that’s very hard to write)

4) DC takes the cake in impressive fashion.

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Jeff Ribeira

Bad weekend for Californians…at least Seattle is still representing…kind of! Just checked the stats and DoD is down to 36%! There’s still time to make a comeback!

Christopher Whitaker

1% point? 1? Come ON! I gotta love my Texas homeland, but 1 point…gaaaahh

(goes off to plot world domination for next year)