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How eSign Made Hawaii More Efficient

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent pocket guide, “Driven By Experience: Your Guide to Revolutionizing Document and Signature Processes.” 

Hawaii is composed entirely of islands, a fact that uniquely complicates its government’s manual, paper-based processes. With agencies sometimes on separate land masses, paper isn’t always the most practical medium for state workflows.

Fortunately, Adobe Document Cloud solutions don’t require the transportation or physical demands that a paper-based system does. Introduced in 2015, Hawaii’s eSign Service has transformed the state government into a quicker, more efficient enterprise. Adobe solutions offer more than the ability to sign forms online. They eliminate delays from printing, scanning and manually signing documents and lets citizens and employees sign from anywhere using any device. And because it’s made by Adobe, it seamlessly integrates with the software state governments already use.

“eSign is just one of the tools this administration is using to meet our goals of transforming from a paper-based system to one that is leading the nation in electronic signature capability,” Hawaii Gov. David Ige said in 2016. “We are reducing the amount of paper used and saving valuable time that can be better used working on issues facing the state.”

Hawaii’s Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has since deployed eSign to agencies statewide with the goal of boosting efficiency. As of December 2018, it’s a booming success.

So far, Hawaii’s government has conducted 578,534 electronic transactions since the program’s launch, with an average of 14,463 transactions processed per month. The median time for completing a transaction, meanwhile, is 259.4 minutes – under five hours – a process that previously took several days.

eSign has reduced natural resource use in Hawaii by:
-141,692 gallons of water
-11,915 pounds of waste
-46,190 pounds of wood

Hawaii’s agencies are now using Adobe Document Cloud solutions for everything from employee onboarding to signing common documents. It’s a program that’s available anytime, anywhere from all mobile devices, which boosts collaboration and transparency across Hawaii.

Fiscal benefits aside, the eSign Service enabled Hawaii to hit several environmental goals as
well. As of June 2018, eSign has reduced natural resource use in Hawaii by 141,692 gallons of water, 11,915 pounds of waste and 46,190 pounds of wood. These savings are helping preserve Hawaii’s natural beauty for the state’s citizens and visitors.

“Using Adobe Sign as part of our state’s eSign Services program, we eliminate much of the time previously spent preparing and routing documents,” former Hawaii CIO Todd Nacapuy said. “State personnel can sign with just a few clicks, so we can focus on state business and roll out new services better.”

In the end, Adobe Sign and other Adobe Document Cloud solutions enable governments like the state of Hawaii to provide better services to their citizens. By building a relationship of trust between citizens and the agencies that govern them, Adobe helps fast-track the future of digital communications throughout cities, counties, states and the nation.

Download the full guide here

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