Does Your Agency Have Unified Communications?

This blog post includes excerpts from a new resource, Unifying Government Communications with Cloud

As government agencies work to keep pace with the private sector in terms of modern technology, the cloud can help can simplify their processes, tools and workforces, giving both citizens and employees the user experience that they’re demanding.

There’s another significant benefit: improved communications.

In a recent survey conducted by GovLoop and Avaya Government Solutions, 56 percent of public sector professionals ranked their agency as average in terms of collaboration. And only 28% of respondents said they had the tools they needed to collaborate effectively. These results suggest that many agencies could improve their workforces’ collaboration and communication.

A cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) is a solution that can improve how employees work, collaborate on projects and interact with citizens. Moving to UC helps agencies address inefficiencies by fostering more collaborative, productive communications between employees. The result is a workforce that is more closely connected and reskilled to leverage cloud technology.

The right UC technology can give your organization one suite for handling all their communications that can boost collaboration agencywide. Email, IMs, voicemail and other formats are all available in one interface for workers. The result is streamlined collaboration and communication across agencies that remains uniform, no matter who’s using UC where.

Specifically, cloud-based UC powered by Avaya allows agencies to create a seamless engagement experience for citizens and employees, regardless of where they are working or the device they are using. To help with this, Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, onpremise or a hybrid of both.

The cloud is changing how government employees work, live and communicate with colleagues and the citizens they serve. Ultimately, happier public servants with technology that empowers them to communicate and work effectively leads to improved services for citizens and agencies delivering on their missions.

To learn more about modernization, cloud and unified communications in government, download this ebook.


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