How Santa Clara County Used E-Signatures to Cut Costs and Improve CX

This article is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent case study, “How Digital Services Revolutionized Santa Clara County Operations.” Download the full case study here.

Think back to the last document you signed. How long was the process? What were all the steps you and your team took? You printed it, signed it, scanned it, and then emailed it to someone else and they did that all over again until it reached the last person. Switching from that to e-signatures revolutionized Santa Clara County, California operations.

In Santa Clara County, Chief Information Officer Ann Dunkin found the county battling a size and reach issue – authorization. Documents had to travel from office to office before reaching the final, necessary person to sign off on policies and start processing requests. Even after receiving a signature, documents often had to travel back to a central office to be processed and implemented. Employees spent much time just waiting.

To unlock employee productivity and discover cost savings, Santa Clara County turned to e-signatures. Dunkin’s staff conducted a study on the savings Santa Clara County accrued by establishing digital workflows, and the results were “mindboggling.”

Read exactly how the county used digital signatures and services to boost productivity and improve customer experience in this GovLoop case study.

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