How-To: Add Tags to Appear on GovLoop’s Topics Pages

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed the new Topics Pages and find them useful!

In a previous post, I shared with you “How-To: Use Tags Like a GovLoop Rockstar”, where I explained the importance of using quotes (i.e. “Government 2.0”) and hyphens (Government-2.0) to hold together your tags.

With this post, I want to give the insider’s scoop on the tags that we use to automatically populate those Topics Pages. In many ways, the tags may seem intuitive or obvious…but there are a couple that are tricky, so pay close attention! 😉

Important to Note: this tagging works for both the Blogs and Discussion Forums.

Ready? Here you go (Also Note: the quotes are critical!):

  • Acquisition: acquisition
  • Cloud Computing: “cloud computing”
  • Collaboration: “collaboration government”
  • Cyber-Security: cyber-security
  • Geeks Gadgets: geeks-gadgets
  • Government Performance: “government performance”
  • Government 2.0: “government 2.0”
  • Human Resources: “human resources”
  • Leadership: leadership
  • New Hire Handbook: “new hire handbook”
  • Telework: telework
  • Virtualization: virtualization

If you ever have any questions about tagging, don’t hesitate to let us know!

P.S. Let us know if you have any suggestions about the Topics Pages, too.

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