on Flickr – Pretty cool

Check out on Flickr.

People taking photos from Recovery funded projects

I think if promoted right this has mass appeal.

I’ve driven by hundreds of ARRA projects and I think it would be cool to have people take photos and submit them to Flickr and other sources.

Could also be used as recovery oversight or flickr photos over a map so you can see construction near you.

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Profile Photo Joe Sanchez

Absolutely agree. Incorporating pictures and videos to aid in telling the story of’s impact was recommended to and others last year well before they put out their solicitation to rebuild the site and even after the contract award. Good to see them incorporating this.

Profile Photo Andrew Krzmarzick

Did you know there’s also a Layar app (I have it on my Droid phone, and they have it for iPhone) produced by Sunlight Labs that uses augmented reality to show information about Recovery Act projects? Hold your phone up in any given area and you can find information about the overall amount of the contracts, the actual money spent, the vendor/contractor, etc. Pretty sweet!