How You Might Benefit From Returning to the Office

A survey of employees in 2021 provides some fuel for the current push to get employees back into the office, according to a recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management.

The survey, conducted by Seyfarth at Work at the height of the pandemic, asked more than 500 employees what they missed most about being in the office. Here were the top results:

  • 61 percent of respondents said they miss in-person workplace conversations.
  • 42 percent said they miss the daily structure of showing up at a worksite.
  • 40 percent said they miss lunches and happy hours with fellow staffers.

In mandating a return to office, many employers are citing the same issues, saying employees are more productive in the office than at home, as highlighted in a recent article by Business Insider.

In the same vein, a recent article by Monster.com highlights three other potential benefits:

  • Better work-life separation
  • Less loneliness and feelings of isolation
  • Increased sense of belonging and purpose

But the article also highlights three disadvantages:

  • Time lost commuting and little flexibility
  • Additional costs (e.g., travel and food expenses)
  • Exposure to illness

GovLoop is providing a special forum to explore return-to-work survival strategies — including how to advocate for workplace flexibility. For information on how you can participate, click here.

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