Just Do It! Top 5 Tips from the WIRe Conference 2010

I had the chance to attend the WIRe conference over the last couple days on behalf of GovLoop. The Conference theme this year was “Beyond Tools: Transforming Online Intelligence.” The event kicked off with remarks from the Director and Managing Editor of the WIRe, Geoffrey Fowler. With insight from past WIRe conferences and setting the tone for this one, he led with 3 words of wisdom: learning, sharing and leading.

Top 5 tips worth mentioning:

1) Thinking about doing and doing are very different; so “Just do it!”

2) Make useful information easy and accessible; be sure the information is layered and searchable.

3) Enhance value from the collective core; “we” are smarter than “me”

4) The 20th Century built up the kowledge. In the 21st Century, we need to apply it.

5) The cost to attend something is usually free; the cost to stay…is to participate.

With that final bullet…if you attended the event, please add your thoughts or comments based on the sessions you attended. Even if you didn’t attend WIRe 2010, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Here is more info on the event.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Love this: “Enhance value from the collective core; “we” are smarter than “me.” If we can achieve this culture shift where an individual doesn’t feel as if s/he needs to come up with the answers alone…and where group victories are incentivized…well, we just might have a more efficient, who-cares-who gets-credit, get-‘er-done kind of environment!