Live Blog & Video – Service Delivery New Brunswick

Live-blogging from MISA..my notes

Service One – Integrated Service Delivery and the Need for a Paradigm Shift

Stephen Dixon
Service New Brunswick

Service vs Enforcement/Monopoly
-Private sector – service quality and standards
-Government regulations enforcement interactions with public
-Putting a square peg in a round hole – public vs private is different

It’s not about the technology – but we keep talking about the technology
-About people, business processes
-Lost in forest vs trees

Service New Brunswick
-Incorporated ini 1992
-Offering teleservices in 1997
-Online services in 1999
-~300 services
-Continues to expand via multiple channels

Is it perfectly integrated?
-Start patching a bunch of technologies together
-Over the counter – offers 300 services
-Teleservices – much less
-Online – much much less

Often don’t offer services to citizens because don’t want to offer things if
can’t do it right or perfect
-Have to just try it

Keep it simple…but do simple

System Reuse – Common Level of Service

-People pull together the services they want to interact online with
-Symantic understanding of people and their various roles with government

-Why build when we can provide the sandbox?
-Provide access to service?

Service New Brunswick
-Research and Innovation – smallest branch (1 person) and largest branch
(access to hundreds of researchers)
-Permission to look outside the day-to-day
-Engage with research institutions
-Align with professors on strategic
-Research agenda, foster a culture of innovation, environmental scanning
-Hardest part is creating a culture of innovation
-Bring in people on innovation teams – province, municipal, private sector

Innovation – implementation of a new idea
-Could be disruptive but it doesn’t have to be
-Innovation is not easy
-Innovation learning
-Prove infrastructure and tools (they use Sharepoint for KM)

SNB Municipal Partnerships
-Payment taking
-Program registration
-Report a problem
-Property assessment
-Online course registration
-Online sales of hard good
-BizPaL – came together 3 levels of government to deliver a service

Need for a paradigm shift
-Move from government to open government
-Open attitude, open process, open data

Most everything is really SIMPLE just NOT DOING IT

Willing partners
-Willing to share
-Willing to collaborate
-Willing to align
-Where is the will?

Kuali foundation
Kantara initiative

Take calculated risks.

But take risks!

Clients don’t care who does
what – they just want effective service deliverys
Expectations continueto increase – an integrated, holistic approach must be
Include the clients in the design

Building business knowledge database

Public Sector CIO Council
Public Sector Service Delivery Council
Municipal Information Systems Association
Municipal Services Delivery Officers
Private sector
Non-profits, academia

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