How to Bring Galentine’s Day to the Workplace

After reading the title of this article, you might be wondering:

A few years ago, our favorite fictional public servant, Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, declared that the day before Valentine’s Day should be dedicated to celebrating your friendship between women. She took her gal pals to brunch, told them each how much she loved them, and gave them all presents.

Here at GovFem, we obviously think this is a great idea and not just because ladies bonding over mimosas is fun. The spirit of Galentine’s Day is to celebrate the common interests and experiences between women. Especially in the professional arena, taking time to focus on those commonalities and strengthen your support network can be crucial. So this year, why not bring Galentine’s Day to your workplace? Here are five ideas of how to do just that:

1. Send a card

No matter where you work, I know there’s someone in your office that you see as an ally in your professional pursuits. She may be a mentor, champion, coach, or just a supportive friend. Take the time to tell her that you appreciate having her on your side. If you’re crunched for time or stationary, send one of our free e-cards.

2. Go on a coffee date

If you don’t have a mentor in your work, it might be time to get one. Find someone you admire professionally and ask her to coffee. Coffee dates are a great way to get to expand your network and gain insight from more experienced peers. Plus, you’ll get a little break from the office.

3. Host a roundtable

Leslie takes her gals out to a nice weekend brunch, but at work you might opt to have a brown bag lunch during the week. Setting aside the time to discuss workplace issues and your experiences as women in government can not only be cathartic ­­– it can also help you build a support system for common challenges.

4. Bring a treat to work

Even the Senate has a candy desk and for good reason. It provides a little fun without disrupting the pace of work. It also offers a social gathering place in the middle of the office. For Galentine’s day, turn your workstation into the candy desk. You’ll be surprised at how many people – including coworkers you don’t know well – will stop by for a quick treat. Take that opportunity to build stronger workplace connections.

5. Write a recommendation for someone

You probably don’t want to give your coworker a big bouquet of flowers (things could get awkward), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give her an awesome Galentine’s day present. A quick recommendation on LinkedIn is a great gift to offer someone whose work you admire… and it will last a lot longer than flowers!

Have any other ideas to celebrate Galentine’s Day? Let us know! Who knows… we might even be able to make it an annual occasion!

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