Meet the Gov Mascot: #3 – Lady Liberty

Next week is Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) and GovLoop is teaming up with the Partnership for Public Service to promote PSRW by running a special series called “Meet the Government Mascot.” Each day we’ve been introducing you to a new mascot, then we’ll run a contest on May 6-8 where you can vote for your favorite.

Comments on the last post clamored for a mascot that encompassed the whole government. Well ask and you shall receive: today’s mascot is none other than Lady Liberty.

Lady Liberty is about as American as you can get minus the fact that she speaks with a French accent according to comic book aficionados. Fighting as a member of the Force of July, Lady Liberty will do just about anything to preserve liberty and justice for all, including sacrificing her own life (if that’s not worth a vote I don’t know what is) which she actually did in one of the comics.

Lady Liberty unlike either of our previous mascots actually has some pretty sweet powers like mind reading and a torch that fires energy beams (sounds a little wasteful not sure Energy Ant would like that).

Lady Liberty also runs in a pretty exclusive circle which includes Batman and the members of S.H.A.D.E (Super Human Advanced Defense Executive). Liberty is also rumored to be involved with fellow superhero Major Victory but the comic series never confirms it so that means there’s still a chance guys!

Lady Liberty isn’t limited to one particular cause but instead goes where she is needed which kind of makes her a renaissance woman. Also she’s all business as evidence by that look on her face.


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Gary Berg-Cross

Lady liberty looks ready for a battle, but I wouldn’t mind having here holding and armed with an open book our maybe a copy of the constitution. That would be more like her sister, Minerva in the Library of Congress.