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Meet the NextGen Keynote Speakers

Conferences can be a great chance to connect with peers, develop new skills, and develop professionally. But all that networking and hands-on activity can eventually tire you out, which is why it’s important to find a way to recharge. There’s no better way to do this than to sit back and let a great speaker inspire and energize you. The NextGen Government Training Summit has a lineup of exciting keynotes that are sure to give you the motivation you need, so check out some sneak peeks below!

Jen Glantz, Author

Ms. Glantz’s keynote “Putting the You Into Your Personal Brand” will get you thinking strategically about the personal brand that you present to the world.

Marchelle Franklin, Human Services Director, City of Phoenix

Ms. Franklin’s keynoteExcellence Is Not Accidental, It’s Intentional” will inspire you to achieve actionable results.

Tara Campbell, Mayor, Yorba Linda California

Ms. Campbell’s keynote “Making Your Vision A Reality” will prepare you to implement change in your workplace.

Ron Holloway, Writer, Trainer

Mr. Holloway’s keynote “A Story of Resilience: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Good Again” will help you understand how adversity can forge strength.

Kristi Hedges, Communications Expert, Coach

Ms. Hedges’ keynote “The Surprisingly Simple, Everyday Ways Leaders Inspire Others” will provide you with a roadmap to becoming an inspiring communicator.

Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO, Millenial Ventures Holdings

Dr. Baldwin’s keynote “Small Shifts, Big Wins: Innovative Thinking For NextGen Leaders” will help you think bigger and execute better in your professional life.

Hope Hall, Documentary Filmmaker

Ms. Hall’s keynote “The Science and Art of Bending the Arc” will remind you of the fundamental importance of remaining authentic and principled.

Mary Abbajay, Author, Managing Up

Ms. Abbajay’s keynote “5 Ways to Optimize Your Meetings” will teach you how to have impactful meetings that really matter.

Bruce McCarthy, Technologist

Mr. McCarthy’s keynote “Saying No to Good Ideas” will prepare you to prioritize your most critical initiatives and increase your focus.

Kate Peters, Author, Can You Hear Me Now? 

Ms. Peters’ keynote” Lessons on the Road to High-Impact Communication” will get you ready to tackle any communications challenge that might arise.

Ashley Axios, Speaker

Ms. Axios’ keynote “Transform With Pressure” will give you the best tips for gaining professional flexibility, building stamina, and getting back up.

Dave Uejio, Chief Strategy Officer, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Mr. Uejio’s keynote “The Case for Innovation in Government” will convince you that innovation is crucial for creating a government that serves the American public.

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