Notes from Gov 2 Radio & NAGW

Carol Spencer, Morris County, NJ

Social media – Changes the way people live their lives
-2nd biggest change in her IT career – 1st personal PC, 2nd social media

Knowledge networks that are so powerful

Mars County, NJ
-hootsuite – parks put out magazine for 90 days
-she has tweets scheduled out for 90 days
-health notifications, park connections
-has twitter connected to facebook – different demographics
-PIO – press release

Try to get the word out

Once you start, you can’t go back

Local government – in a county she managers 21 websites and 1 intranet with 2 people

Lots of policy – at local level that is more of an issue. Nothing there yet. Trepidation on how to handle it
-Employee use of social media policy
-Policy – Every dept has facebook page or not

If you block it on your work computers, they still get there. Same as abusing employee who is abusing telephone and long distance calls

229 webmasters from 29 states were desparately seeking info at local level on how to do web.

Web stuff not even there yet – takes a long time

3 Day national conference
-Do webinars every month for members

NAGW listserv- over 700 members – questions rang from jquery, google checkout, flickr, twitter, facebook, webgovernance ?s

Membership is $75/yr

Lost of demand from citizens…and have 1 person in a city/county alone doing it
-but at NAGW conference – find others like you

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