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Gov 2.0 Radio: Carol Spencer on Morris County, NJ and NAGW

Join a conversation about social media and local government with Morris County, NJ, webmaster Carol Spencer, treasurer of the National Association of Government Webmasters. A veteran of IBM, Spencer calls social media the biggest revolution in technology since the personal computer. On gov’t agencies blocking social media, she says, “You’re blocking access to the wayRead… Read more »

Notes from Gov 2 Radio & NAGW

Carol Spencer, Morris County, NJ Social media – Changes the way people live their lives-2nd biggest change in her IT career – 1st personal PC, 2nd social media Knowledge networks that are so powerful Mars County, NJ-hootsuite – parks put out magazine for 90 days -she has tweets scheduled out for 90 days -health notifications,Read… Read more »

How-To: Cut and Post Your Podcast in Pieces (for Free)

A few weeks ago, we featured the Armed With Science podcast as the GovLoop Project of the Week. Since I am located in Durham, NC, and the team was based in our nation’s capitol, I conducted the interview using Talkshoe, a web-based tool like BlogTalkRadio (the preferred podcast tool of ArmedWithScience and Gov 2.0 Radio).Read… Read more »