Phone Tips & Tricks: How Do You Talk?

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I know people who use their phones in all sorts of ways, and these days, there are plans out there for everyone.

  • Some people use their phone strictly for calls. They are the talkers who communicate the old fashioned way.
  • Then there are the texters. We all know these folks. They are the silent chit-chatters who keep their conversations in short, simple messages.
  • There are also the data planners, those folks who are always online, always active, always tweeting, and always in the know.

For each of us there is a plan. You have probably noticed that there are various plans out there which can be tailored to fit specific types of phone users. Some people prefer to have unlimited texting and/or data and fewer minutes. Talkers can enjoy an unlimited amount of minutes without paying for texting and data plans. The best thing to do when creating your own plan is to figure out who you are and how you talk.

My question is, what kind cell phone user are you? Talker, Texter, Data Planner, or a combination?

How do you balance your plan?

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Susan Thomas

In all things moderation. I use the communication mode that I think will be most effective in a given situation. For example, I don’t email a person when I know that a face-to-face meeting would be better. Email and texting have become so commonplace that they are crutches.

Sid Burgess

Data planner all the way. I rarely talk or text on my phone any more. And in fact, now that I have a Tablet, I have accidentally left my phone home a couple times and never really missed it. Like Susan already mentioned, when possible I try to have face-to-face meetings. Otherwise email or hand-written notes are best. Skype for those occasional calls.

My Tablet is a full-time eBook device and RSS reader for me. Throughout the day I use it to keep up with industry news and emails.

I am really loving the direction mobile devices are going. They are becoming more homogeneous to our lives and that means that “phones” are becoming minimized and more comprehensive functionality is taking off.

Carol Davison

Susan I see email and texting as habits. We need to carefully consider to whom we are trying to communicate, their personality type, and the significance of the message and only then select the means of communication. For example I can dictate to my child, but probably not to my boss.