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OMB’s New Annual Strategic Reviews

Federal agencies this year will be subject to a new statutory requirement. A new law requires the Office of Management and Budget to annually determine if agency programs meet goals set out in their annual performance plans. To do this, OMB has created a new review process. A provision of the Government Performance and ResultsRead… Read more »

Required Reading: New Agency Strategic Plans

Set your New Year’s resolutions now! In early 2014, for the first time federal agencies will simultaneously submit refreshed strategic plans to Congress, covering the next four years. You should put them on your “must read” list for the new year. Many agencies have been quietly posting their draft strategic plans on-line for public comments,Read… Read more »

Open Government Partnership – Updates

NEW on the #OGP blog | Civil Society Coordinator Newsletter for March 2013. (…) … #opengov #civilsociety Consultation now open to gather views on @opengovpart UK action plan – have your say here: #opengov What’s next for the Open Government Partnership in Europe? (…) #ogp U.S. has fulfilled 24/26 commitments made inRead… Read more »

The Retirement vs. College Savings Smackdown!

Goal: Find a smart strategy for retirement and college savings. 4 Steps to Saving Responsibly: 1. Save 3-6 months of debt payments and other critical expenses. 2. Accelerate payments of high-interest debt so that the total debt you owe is decreasing every month, even if only slightly (meaning you are paying more than the financeRead… Read more »

EPA Open Government Plan is Published

EPA has posted the EPA Open Government Plan at several locations and in different formats. Additionally, we have started an Open Government Forum and an Open Government Timeline showing EPA’s history of innovations in public outreach, and milestones for the current Open Government process. EPA Open Government Page – EPA Open Government Forum –Read… Read more »