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Prepared in Plano

Internal challenges
-legal – establish a workable policy

-PIO – empower PIO
-Records – Policy for record keeping, who keeps them, how does your legal requirements overlap
-Credibility/Verification – Use widgets on official site, come up with logo or name that is persona, post links to your media sites to show authenticity
External Challenges
-Malicious software that may be downloaded
-Still can get hacked via email, still can get hacked on normal Internet sites
-Train employees for suspicious links, emails – do same for social media
City of Plan Facebook Page
-Just press releases. But that’s cool. That’s expectation.

Prepared In Plano

-Expect interaction
-Use it according to 4 phases of emergency management
-Tip of week
-Primarily for preparedness and mitigation info
-PIO takes over
-Monitor trends using search
-Push unified message via new mediums
-Helps media outlets their story faster
-Records can be used for AAR
-Recovery Info Push
Facebook Fan Page
-Has insights/graphics that are great


How Do You Show You Are Working?

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