Trade Magazine Round-Up

Lately I’ve been asking government employees what magazines/blogs/websites to get information on the government community and tips on their jobs. I usually get a puzzled look or maybe an apology saying they know they should read more.

I actually read way too many magazines, blogs, newsletters about the federal government. I am here to give you a quick overview and my favorites.

This column, I will focus on best trade magazines. Trade magazines are a good source of what is going on in your industry and almost all of the magazines are free from their website.

1) Federal Computer Week – best federal IT magazine hands-down. The magazine is very well-put together, clean and simple, and is easy to read. Also, they have a great website and nice RSS feeds. Plus, they have the best blogs. FCW Insider is written by the FCW editor and is great. Steve Kelman (Harvard professor and former OMB big dog) has a fun blog there as well.
2) Government Computer News – now merged with FCW. While much improved, I’m still not really impressed with their magazine and website.
3) Federal Times – Great general federal weekly paper/magazine. Lots of good information on general trends as well as information that you can use ranging from TSP to health insurance. Lily Whiteman writes a fabulous column entitled Career Matters. Website is sub-par and lacks RSS feeds.
4) Government Executive – Wow. They’ve stepped up their website. I hadn’t been a big fan until recently and they arguably have the best website in this field. A good but not great high-level magazine for senior leaders.
5) Government Leader – I honestly forget how this is different than Government Executive. Similar but not quite as good and their website is lacking.
6) I think there are a few more out there as well. Washington Technology, Public CIO, and Governing come to the top of my mind. But I don’t subscribe so I don’t know 🙂

Anybody else have personal favorites?

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Kitty Wooley

Steve, I agree wholeheartedly with your statements about Federal Computer Week! However, I find that Government Executive excels at providing total business context for the work of government. Reading both, I’m always well equipped.