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Recognizing Equity Issues and Avoiding Hidden Bias in Remote and Hybrid Teams

Hybrid work environments have become increasingly more common over the past two years. Once employees were permitted to work from home, potential hidden biases and equity issues began to emerge that must be addressed for your agency’s remote workers to be successful.

Workforce transformation expert Mika Cross had a few tips to address these possible bias challenges in her latest installment of “Management Minutes with Mika.”

One bias that Cross mentioned is distance and proximity. If a leader who needs a high-priority task done is in the office, they’re more likely to look for a person in front of them. It’s essential that your team is aware of this potential bias, taking the time to strategize and even inviting other managers to suggest someone to fill the role.

Additionally, she advised that your agency have an inventory of what type of projects and interests your employees have to choose an appropriate project leader, no matter where they’re located.

For more tips on banishing bias and establishing equity in your agency, check out this video.

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