Accelerating ICITE With Open Source

Perhaps the biggest transformation to hit the U.S. intelligence community is under way now. Called the Intelligence Community (IC) Information Technology Enterprise, or ICITE, initiative, it aims to create a common IT workshop for all 16 IC agencies.

The ultimate intention of ICITE: an unprecedented level of integration and information-sharing across the IC enterprise with which to create fully formed intelligence products that seamlessly integrate signals, human, cyber, geospatial and other intelligence disciplines along with big data analytics. The key to accomplishing this is the creation of an intelligence community cloud that relies on open standards and open source software so agencies are free to rapidly share, integrate and innovate as needed.

That’s where Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions and a central player in the ICITE effort, comes in. GovLoop sat down with Red Hat’s Toan Do, Director of National Security Programs, and Jason Callaway, Solutions Architecture Team Lead for the IC, to understand how open source platform-as-a-service, cloud management platforms and storage management solutions can assist IC member agencies as they address the challenges of moving to an OHC environment.

This Industry Perspective will provide you with valuable insights and best practices for embracing and optimizing an open hybrid cloud.

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