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Achieving Full Spectrum Dominance

The battlefield is changing for American forces. It is larger, now spanning cyberspace and even outerspace, and it is more crowded with new, aggressive actors including non-state terror groups and solo hackers.

In order to maintain control of this increasingly expansive and diverse threat environment, the Department of Defense must transform its organization, its people, and its strategies. And it is.

At the turn of the century, the Joint Chiefs of Staff released Joint Vision 2020, a document outlining their ideal DoD. A primary objective of the plan is to achieve full spectrum dominance — superiority in air, land, sea, cyberspace, and outer space — within 10 years. But how will DoD reach such an ambitious goal?

Like many organizations, the department’s innovative ability is reliant on advancing its IT prowess. In this infographic, we examine 12 IT milestones marking progress for DoD transformation not only in cyberspace, but across all domains.