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Engaging Citizens and Improving Outcomes: Digital Communication for State and Local Governments

Public-sector digital communications strategies are evolving to help organizations better connect with citizens and promote their content. Although we have more tools to facilitate this today than ever before – everything from email automation to A/B testing to audience segmenting – there is still room to share and learn best practices for digital communication.

To gauge where state and local governments are in their digital communications, and to figure out better and more efficient strategies to help them reach citizens and drive outcomes, GovLoop partnered with Granicus, a leading public-sector digital communications company, for this research brief and a survey of public-sector employees.

In this research brief, we’ll discuss the digital outreach and communication priorities of 179 public-sector survey respondents, go over tips and tactics to make outreach efforts more successful, and hear insights from two Granicus executives: Natalie Fedie, Vice President of Customer Success, and Andrew Krzmarzick, Vice President of Solutions Consulting.