The Evolution of Identity Management

Given the mounting threat of cyber attacks coupled with a proliferation of information now accessible online, multilayered identity management systems are more important than ever to any agency’s security infrastructure.

Fortunately, most organizations understand the necessity to protect online information by creating stringent verification processes for users. Simply ensuring that the right person is accessing your information, however, is no longer enough.

Today, agencies must build strategies that reflect the evolution of identity management and look beyond identity verification at the point of login. In this new phase, identity management strategies must:

  • Ensure that identification processes are appropriate to the target demographic
  • Leverage diverse data sets to transform verification processes
  • Evolve over time as agencies and user needs change
  • Adhere to credentialing regulations without decreasing user satisfaction

To help us understand how agencies can modify their identity management strategies to fit new market demands, GovLoop partnered with Experian, an information services firm that provides a suite of identity-proofing tools to both public and private sectors. This brief explains how identity management is evolving from a single sign-on process to a constantly evolving relationship between agency and user.