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Enhancing Security and User Experience in Government Services

Traditional identity verification methods have become less effective, and they’re exposing organizations to dangerous cyberattacks. But a risk management approach that includes multi-factor authentication, among other tools, can safeguard agency networks and data.

Identity Management Makes Modernization Possible

A user-focused modernization project not only ensures that new technologies meet stakeholder needs; it also illuminates a new tactic for increasing security. By using the identity of individual users – whether employees, citizens or other agencies – organizations can adopt new technologies that transcend the traditional perimeters of data centers.

Automating Security to Create Virtual Trust

This interview is an excerpt from our recent guide, The Future of Cybersecurity, which examines 15 trends transforming the way government safeguards information and technology. “Security is all about trust,” said Richard Breakiron, Senior Director of Cyber Solutions of ViON, an information technology enterprise solutions provider. But how do you create that trust in theRead… Read more »

Better Identity Management, Better Agencies

Written in collaboration with Kolin Whitley, Director of Fraud and Identity Solutions, Experian Public Sector Picture a novice internet user logging on to a government portal for the first time. He’s using a desktop computer, and the process takes him a few minutes because he isn’t very tech-savvy. He also doesn’t have any details fromRead… Read more »

Emerging Trends in Innovation and Social Media: Identity Management, Part I

So far in this series, I’ve written about mobile technology, connected sensors, 3D Printing (which I called Products-on-Demand or PonD), and Advanced Sharing. Each of these is important, but the capstone, what will act as a force-multiplier for each, is a better understanding of and method for identity management. Think about an average week forRead… Read more »