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Happiness Is A Balance: A Framework to Success

Frank DiGiammarino spoke at NextGen about the road to happiness and what you need to do to get on this path and reach your capstone. It was one of the most successful sessions and we wanted to provide you with the guide provided at the event – “Happiness is a Balance: A Framework to Success”

Career happiness is about balance: (1) knowing who you are, (2) understanding why you do the things you do, and (3) what tasks and activities you want to be doing. When these three things are in balance your career isn’t just your job. It becomes something you do and makes you happy.

Who are you?

Self-discovery is a life-long pursuit. While you can be influenced and evolve based off certain experiences, Frank states each person has a core that rarely changes. This core defines who you are and what makes you happy. Frank’s challenge is to find the things you love to do, play, read, blog about, or discuss with your friends and invest in them now.

Why are you doing this vs. that?

Frank discussed the idea of the value chain. He listed 7 values which you manage on a daily basis: standard of living, location, family, friends, community, hobbies and health. By looking at each of these values you can prioritize those most important. You can’t do it all. Frank states that you must evaluate what’s most important to you and do those.

What is you capstone?

Take the time to rate yourself with the survey inside this guide. As you apply yourself and get better at certain skills, find ways to take on others. Once you know the skills you need, find the ways to develop them.

Finding a balance between who you are, why you do the things you do and clarity on the task you want to be doing will give us that happiness you are searching for. Focus on who you are before you look at the “what.” Frank concludes by saying, “until you take time to figure out the ‘who’ and ‘why,’ you will have a hard time getting everything into balance. ”

Find your passion and GO FOR IT!

Check out the complete guide Happiness is A Balance, A Framework to Success here.