How Data-Driven Performance Powers Smart Communities

Smart communities across the nation are embracing the power of data in new ways. They’re realizing what’s possible if they do, and what’s at stake if they don’t.

These communities understand data’s critical role in staying competitive, wooing new businesses and attracting residents, and advancing their decision-making capabilities. These communities are embracing data-driven performance.

Get your free copy of this new report to learn the specifics of data-driven performance, why it’s especially critical at this time and how it fuels smart community investments that will impact current and future generations.

Specifically, you’ll explore how:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shape and elevate data-driven performance.
  • Philadelphia utilizes place-based budgeting for social justice.
  • A GIS dashboard reengineers planning at Texas state parks.
Author: Nicole Blake Johnson, Managing Editor, GovLoop

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