IT-as-a-Service 101: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

By now, nearly everyone has heard the phrase “as-a-Service” (aaS) in some capacity. Yet, few truly understand exactly what an aaS model is and what it can deliver, in terms of capabilities, cost savings and operational efficiencies, particularly when it comes to information technology for government.

The fact is, today’s government agencies are facing unprecedented pressure to compress budgets while rapidly expanding IT capacity and capabilities. Put simply, IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) holds the promise of delivering on both demands by providing immediate and direct access to advanced IT, while only paying for what’s actually consumed on an operational basis.

Far from a passing phase or silver bullet, ITaaS is a strategic and proven business model that is already changing the way government agencies access and utilize IT.

This GovLoop Pocket Guide is designed to help you determine if ITaaS could help you do the same for you and your agency.
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