Making a Business Case for Customer Experience in Government

Good customer experience is much more than achieving customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether it’s coming from the private or public sector, good CX must be: accessible, engage customers on the channel of their choice (digital, in person or voice) and proactive in determining customer needs. And today, more and more, agencies are realizing the real return on investment that comes from customer experience initiatives.

Engaging with citizens digitally and in real time not only improves government services, but also helps glean actionable insights from citizens to improve processes. Many agencies have used digital services to improve their customer experience outcomes. For example, the General Services Administration has helped agencies leverage digital services to improve public-facing services like websites or applications; implement new laws or mandates while being transparent with the public; and streamline internal systems to reduce risk and save time.

To find out how public-sector employees at all levels can make a better case for CX in government, GovLoop and Genesys, a leading customer experience solutions provider, conducted a survey of 219 government employees in which respondents shared their views and challenges regarding customer experience. Additionally, Jodi Thompson, Senior Principal Strategic Business Consultant for Genesys, helped break down those survey results and explain why investing in CX is so important to enhancing government services.

In addition to addressing the importance of CX and challenges to enhancing customer experience in government, this research brief offers tips and solutions to overcome those obstacles. You’ll also learn how to leverage strategic CX and make a better business case for your agency to prioritize customer experience.