Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest guide, The GovLoop Guide: Navigating the Digital Government Roadmap.


Technological advancements have enabled government to improve how services are delivered to citizens. This guide focuses on the technology that has enabled government to increase productivity, improve performance and innovate proactively. Throughout this report, we highlight the top trends for technology and government, and how new tools are radically changing the government technology landscape.


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Be sure to view the guide landing page for upcoming posts about the report. As posts are developed, we hope that you will join the conversation. We view this guides as working documents, that can evolve with input from the community, bringing to light new issues, best practices and innovative ideas how to improve technology in government. Here is a brief overview of what you can find in the report:


Technology Allowing Agencies to Increase Productivity

In this section, we highlight technology trends that are allowing government agencies to increase their productivity within the agency. This section provides an overview of:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Cyber Security


Featured Article: The Digital Government Strategy: Providing 21st Century Services to America

The feature of the report is The Digital Government Strategy, which was released by the Obama Administration on May 23, 2012. With this memorandum, the Obama Administration has taken set standards and goals for federal agencies. Agencies will now make Open Data the default, and are required to provide two services on mobile devices within the next year. This section highlights the digital government strategy, mobile and the importance of more widely accessible government data.


Technology Enabling Agencies to Improve Performance

For centuries, government has been collecting data about citizens and looking for ways to use data to improve services. With emerging technology, leveraging large volumes of data to drive decision-making is now a reality. This section also explores:

  • Government Transparency
  • Government Websites
  • Data
  • Rule Making
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Technology Promoting Agencies to Innovate Proactively

With fiscal uncertainty and deep budget cuts on the horizon, government at all levels is challenged to find ways to “do more with less.” The final section highlights how agencies can do more with less through shared services.


The guide also includes an infographic on The Digital Government Strategy. Be sure to take a look at the infographic in more detail- The Digital Government Strategy Timeline – An Infographic.


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