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Put Your Agency On The Map

In the magical world of Harry Potter, wizards created a “Marauder’s Map” that showed the locations of friends and foes, displayed optimal routes for a quick escape, and highlighted the best place to buy butterbeer nearby.

As the maps in our daily lives become more magical, they are no longer just about getting from point A to point B. Technologically advanced maps allows us to visualize data in context and deliver a level of understanding previously beyond our reach. With the power of mapping technology, maps like the Marauder’s Map are no longer a fantasy- they are a reality. Just as Harry and his peers used the power of the Marauder’s Map to solve mysteries and defeat evil, your agency can use mapping technology to solve the puzzle of your data in order to accomplish your mission. In this Industry Perspective, we discuss how visualizing data using mapping technology delivers unique insights to your agency.

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In this report, we explain how Google mapping technology can provide both the internal-facing data visualization programs to aid decision-makers and the public-facing mapping applications to engage customers. We share case studies of agencies that found innovation and success after adopting a data mapping strategy. In addition, we speak with industry experts and government leaders to explain how you can begin leveraging data mapping and visualization technology at your agency, including:

  • Dan Israel, Federal Marketing Director, Google
  • Steven Alexander, Creative Director of e-commerce, Amtrak
  • Greg Henle, IT Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

You do not need to be a wizard to implement the innovative strategies that will put your agency on the map. Data visualization technology provides the context you and your customers need in mission-critical operations. Learn more about data mapping by viewing these additional resources: