Overcoming the Challenges of Data Analytics in Government

Many agencies are starting to see how data analytics can help them accomplish their missions more effectively. In fact, there are few decisions that we make today that aren’t based on data in some way. Citizens use customer feedback data to determine what products to buy or use data in fitness monitors to track their health.  For government, the ramifications are even larger. Data-driven decisions have national security implications. They impact how we live and work. Using analytics, agencies can extract value from their data to detect fraud, reduce crime, and respond to cyberattacks.

But as data increases in size and complexity, the challenges for government have also increased. There can be issues like figuring out where to start with data analytics, and then the always critical issue of ensuring that mission needs drive data analytics efforts.  That’s why learning about how to tackle these challenges is imperative for government.

By taking this course, you’ll be enrolled in six lessons that layout a roadmap to navigating data analytics and management. We’ll outline the various opportunities of data analytics as well as the challenges of getting started. We’ll also highlight how to select technology solutions and build your analytics expertise.

To learn more about overcoming the challenges of data analytics, we’ll hear from Chelsea Crawford, Solutions Engineer at SAP, an industry leader in providing innovative approaches to data management.