Reducing Fraud, Waste and Abuse in the Public Sector using GIS

Fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars is a massive problem in the public sector — and it’s only getting worse. Federal agencies set a new record for improper payments last year, shelling out $125 billion in questionable or fraudulent benefits after years of declines, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Technology solutions can help agencies better identify and reduce fraud, waste and abuse in the public sector. Increasingly, agencies are turning to Esri’s geospatial technology — maps, analysis and geoenrichment — to address blind spots that allow these improper activities to go unnoticed. Esri technology provides a modern, reliable way to quickly detect, analyze and predict patterns of fraud, waste and abuse.

GovLoop and Esri, the global leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, have partnered to create this industry perspective. Throughout this report, you’ll learn:

• The particular challenges government faces when it comes to addressing fraud, waste and abuse

• How GIS and spatial analysis is a critical tool in detecting fraud

• Ways several government agencies have used GIS technology to combat waste and abuse

• How your organization can turn to GIS to help detect fraud