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Taking Your Group to the Next Level: The New and Improved GovLoop Groups Guide

As many of you have probably already realized, joining groups here on GovLoop is one of the best ways to make connections, learn best practices, and get real time answers to challenges. No matter where you work, your area of expertise, or your hobbies, there is a group for you, as well as an awesome community ready to help you out. Work for a federal agency? Check out the many department and agency groups. How about a state or city government? We’ve got you covered too. Love to read, bike, or travel? Done, done, and done. Want to browse the many other groups GovLoop has to offer? Browse all of our groups here.

But what if after searching and searching, you still can’t find the group you are looking for? One of the great things about GovLoop’s platform is that anyone has the ability to create, promote, and then manage their own group! It’s really quite simple, and there are plenty of tools available to help you gain members, and make your groups a useful source of information and discussion.

It is for that reason we have put together this handy guide specifically for group creators (and we even have a group for them!). It is a great resource and includes everything from the basics (what to name your group, how to add a description, etc.) to the slightly more advanced (embedding video or google docs). There are also plenty of tips on how to gain members, keep them active, and then grow your group even more.
So what are you waiting for? Whether you are a current group creator, or are just thinking about becoming one, we believe you’ll find this guide extremely beneficial and helpful in taking your group to the next level. Check it out below or download the pdf.


The GovLoop Team

Note: If you’re in the Washington D.C. area next Monday, June 13th, we will be hosting a GovLoop Groups Hackathon for all group creators right here at the GL Headquarters. We will be kicking things off at 6pm so swing on by for some good times – GovLoop Groups style!

Download the PDF