Transforming Digital Communication Processes in DoD: What You Need to Know

To operate efficiently across the enterprise, the Defense Department (DoD) needs integrated and comprehensive communications and content solutions. By managing messaging and delivery, DoD can optimize its reach, enrollment, onboarding and information to attract new recruits, train employees and promote long, successful careers.

Mission outcomes are also dependent on collaboration among prominent lawmakers, bureaucrats, military leaders and those on the ground. Understandably, questions arise about everything from benefits to direct orders.

That’s why integrated solutions are key for DoD personnel. They can personalize recruitment, education and even retirement for each soldier – removing expense and time for a mass of DoD departments. Additionally, with a unique digital experience, users can take advantage of educational communities of practice, personalized career improvement courses and individual user profiles.

GovLoop and Adobe partnered on this pocket guide to explore the experience of warfighters and examine how digital services and moving from paper to electronic processes can enable a more streamlined and positive experience for DoD.