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Understanding the Dangers to Your Cybersecurity

Imagine that your agency has suffered a cyberattack. Embarrassing headlines about your organization’s cybersecurity appear daily, and citizens are outraged that their sensitive data isn’t safe. Whether your agency is federal, state or local, it’s a nightmare that can come without warning.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to protect your organization from cyberthreats permanently. Today’s cyberthreats are constantly evolving, and the danger they present never fully disappears.

Still, the pressure is on agencies to defend themselves by quickly detecting and minimizing security risks. The consequences of failure are severe: These events drain agencies’ energy, money and time. Even worse, they can hurt your organization’s reputation or endanger national security.

Protecting citizen data is difficult, however, when you don’t understand the cybersecurity world around you. Agencies that aren’t familiar with the latest threats won’t see the attacks coming at them. That puts both citizen and public-sector data at risk.

Navigating this hazardous landscape is intimidating, but GovLoop can help you safely make your way. This guide explains today’s cyberthreats, what motivates attackers, the damage they can cause and best practices for keeping your organization safe. Key events detailed in this guide will also help you recognize, anticipate and prepare for these enemies. You’ll learn about:

  • Foreign Nations
  • Cyberterrorists
  • Cybercriminals
  • Ransomware
  • Insider Threats
  • Hacktivists
  • The Future of Cybersecurity