Unifying Government Communications With Cloud

For agencies, moving to the cloud is the best path to modernize, reduce costs and create efficiency. Agencies that fully embrace cloud can simplify their processes, tools and workforces, giving both citizens and employees the user experience that they’re demanding.

One example of this is cloud-based Unified Communications, or UC. The right UC technology gives organizations one suite for handling all their communications that can boost collaboration agencywide. Migrating communications infrastructure to the cloud also offers a variety of benefits for agencies, including making meetings more productive through shared workspaces, accelerating how work gets done by embedding communications into workflows, and staying connected with employees whether they are in the office or teleworking.

These topics were among those discussed during “Cloud-Centric Modernization: Exploring the Pain-Points and the Promise,” a recent roundtable hosted by GovLoop, ConnellyWorks and Avaya Government Solutions. Avaya Government Solutions builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. At the event, government professionals and industry experts discussed their challenges and solutions in moving to the cloud, particularly in communications.

This ebook highlight discussions from the roundtable, including cloud security, customer experience (CX) and workforce reform. We also discuss insights from a survey of government employees about cloud and modernization conducted by GovLoop and Avaya.