Simplify Your Data Protection Strategy

Agencies are struggling to protect data across workloads due to a multitude of challenges: the complex environment of different clouds and on-premises systems, strict compliance and security requirements, and the growing threat of cybercrime. The solution is in simplifying agencies’ data protection strategies.

Because of the various platforms where data resides — the public cloud, the private cloud and on-premises systems — data protection is increasingly complex. By deploying the right data backup and recovery solutions in the cloud itself, agencies can have reliable and scalable data protection for cloud-hosted applications, continuous backup capabilities with point-in-time recovery, proactive monitoring and analysis, and robust reporting and backup file search capabilities to simplify administration.

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent worksheet, How to Assemble a Data Protection Strategy Checklist, download the full worksheet to understand how your agency can protect its data, and use the included checklist to guide your decision-making process here.

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