From Small Towns to Big Cities: Biggest Innovations of 2016

2016 has been a great year for state and local government. From rural Wyoming to New York City, IT departments are modernizing to improve the lives of citizens. Your state and local govies have been hard at work this year and it shows.

In order to celebrate the year that was and get ready for 2017, State and Local Spotlight is counting down the ten best, most innovative things that happened in state and local government over the past year.

In case you missed it, check out the first four stories in the countdown here.

  1. Just Do IT: Modernization in Illinois

Illinois has been another top innovator in 2016. They started their modernization journey in the fall of 2015 and since then have successfully rolled out the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT), a new agency that brought the state’s IT together under one umbrella. Under this new initiative, goals for Illinois included consolidation, creating a customer centric culture, and fostering cybersecurity. Check out how Illinois is worked to achieve these priorities in the past year.

  1. What Your State Can Learn from GeorgiaGov Interactive

While most states have focused on broad modernization efforts, Georgia’s IT department has taken a very specific approach to innovation. GeorgiaGov consolidated all of Georgia’s websites into one platform. Interested in doing some online consolidation in your state? Check out the rest of Georgia’s plan in this post.

  1. Maintaining Resilient State and Local Assets in Utah

Utah has taken it upon themselves to utilize the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines for protecting and maintaining critical infrastructure. The Utah State Division of Emergency Management has spent much of 2016 working to enhancing local jurisdictions assets and responses to manmade and natural disasters. Their plan works to decrease complexity and standardize processes. This post offers an excellent model to help your state tackle critical infrastructure in the new year.

Can’t get enough of these inspiring state and local stories? Check back next week for the final installment.

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